How to recognize a fake doctor note?

Students got a new weapon in the fight against the evil professor. At one local Internet site can be found vacant medical note (of course, with all the necessary seals). When note is downloaded from the Internet, printed on color printer and then fill in, at first glance it looks like right. There is a huge difference between parents and their children in the way of thinking, because of the generation gap. Children are more familiar with Internet and sites that it provides. So children are first that that had discovered this revolutionary product of modern technology .The parents are not so familiar with this Internet fraud.

(Un) fortunately, the disclosure of such note is simple. Any suspicious doctor note should look under the magnifying glass: even with a magnification of 2 times only if righteousness false, the seal should be broken down into a multitude of blue and red dots. It would be good to look under the scrutiny of a stamp on a real note, and a color image printed on an ink-jet or laser printer to see the difference. Some health institutions might use computers to print their excuse, but it definitely does not apply to the seals. The printers are very popular and all was every house has it, therefore our notes are easy to be printed. And it’s very difficult to recognize fake one from the original for regular eyes.

The first thing that every professor should do is to get known with modern technology, we shouldn’t allow to the children to be one step in front of us. We must admit that Internet makes us all the same in some way; frankly speaking nowadays there are some things that are more familiar to children than to the teachers. Knowledge becomes common and available to all in any time. That is the reason why children are better in some areas and then professors. Forgery is one of those areas. So, professors, don’t let you to be fooled by this piece of paper. If you don’t know how has your own child is probably knows what is it about.


The best way to find a mistake is definitely a steal. Many clinics print their doctor notes but no one prints a seal. You must check also the name of the doctor if you in a small town but that shouldn’t be a problem. Just because of that some doctors leave their phone number so that the professor can call them and check if it is a real one. If you want a doctors note, look at this article.

I also think they it is a professor’s responsibility find out which type off document is in front of them. Children will always try to cheat, to get the fake doctor note, to forge it because that is what children do. And it is a professor’s duty to let them know who is in charge. Professor mustn’t allow the children have more information than him. He always has to be one step further that is one step in front of them.